Origins of the 1871 Greenbush Dead Citys

Historic base ball players at Wade House.

Origins of the 1871 Greenbush Dead Citys

By the late 1860s and early 1870s, base ball was being played throughout Wisconsin on summer afternoons. Communities established their own teams, which challenged those from surrounding towns.

The Greenbush club was organized in 1871 with team captain Thomas Franey. The Greenbush Dead Citys played their first match game against the Red Jackets of Glenbeulah on September 15, 1871. When the match was called at the end of the fifth inning because of rain, the Dead Citys were down 20 to 113.

An article in the local newspaper recaps the status of the nine-player team that first season:

"...The first nine has played four games with older clubs, winning two. The club is yet in its infancy, and makes no pretensions to great playing, though if it did it would undoubtedly be as able to meet them as the R.J.s [Red Jackets]." - Sheboygan Times, November 18, 1871

1871 Greenbush Dead Citys Roster

G. Stoddard – Hurler (Pitcher)
Phrang – Behind (Catcher)
A. Stoddard – First Base
Monk – Second Base
Taylor – Third Base
Cole – Outer Garden (Left Field)
Hull – Center Field
Boggs – Right Field
McNeal – Short Scout (Shortstop)