About Our Field Trips

Field Trip participants make candles at Wade House.

Wade House field trips are about three hours long. This includes the following sites and activities:

  • Wade House Stagecoach Hotel

    Authentically costumed historical interpreters guide your students through the stagecoach hotel, which once served weary travelers along the Plank Road.

  • Dockstader Blacksmith Shop

    Sparks fly and fires dance in the forge as the blacksmith pounds hot iron into tools and items to be used by the townspeople of Greenbush.

  • Herrling Sawmill

    A water-powered turbine generates energy to power the up-and-down saw as it cuts logs into boards and planks for local use.

  • Wesley W. Jung Carriage Museum

    An interactive scavenger hunt tour engages children with 70 horse- and hand-drawn vehicles from 1870 to 1915, all restored to their former glory.

  • Horse-Drawn Wagon Ride

    A horse-drawn wagon transports you and your students through the site at a true 19th-century pace (ride included with admission).

  • Wade House Gift Store

    Browse a variety of entertaining and educational items related to Wade House and the early history of Wisconsin.

  • Candle Dipping

    New hands-on activity for every student! Students participate and learn how to make 19th-century tallow candles.